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It Starts with the SPERM!


Join Lisa for Men Matter - It Starts with the Sperm. Men are often overlooked on the path to conception. We will discuss why it is essential that men are included in the conversation, from the beginning. What can we do to improve men's reproductive health, lots!! It takes three months for sperm to develop, so there is plenty we can do to improve sperm parameters. You will learn tips that you can start putting into practice today for you and your partner. You only make a baby once! Remember fertility is like gardening. We need to create healthy soil, which means a healthy menstrual cycle and good quality seeds - egg and sperm. Contrary to the popular book, "It Starts with the Egg" - We believe it starts with the Sperm, there is a reason they use studs when they breed dogs and horses. This workshop was pre-recorded, please pay the fee of $49USD to our Paypal ( and then e-mail us at and we will send you the link.

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