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How COLD Prevents Healing


Learn How COLD Prevents Healing: A traditional Medicine Perspective and what you can do about it. Join Lisa for the 1st in our Optimal 101 Series.... COLD is often overlooked when it comes to our health! Temperature is more important than we think! Did you know that in China people drink hot water because they believe it is beneficial to their health. I speak to many Chinese and they always ask me, why do Americans drink ice water? Don't they realize it is bad for them. That it is detrimental to their digestive health, menstral cycle, fertility and increases pain. I know it can come as a surprise to most but Google it, the most common question asked about China is, why do Chinese people drink hot water? In this pre-recorded class we discuss how the easiest way to make major changes to our health is to understand how cold damages it. It is important to comprehend how our culture has misunderstood that eating, drinking and icing injuries is extremely bad for us. All traditional cultures understood this, especially as it pertains to women's bodies and reproductive health. You will learn tips you can start putting into place right now for all manner of digestive and reproductive concerns, pain, etc. It just takes rethinking what we have been told and believed to be true. This is life changing information! I have seen again and again how this was often the only change someone needed to make to turn their health around - they just needed to stop drinking iced cold drinks, eating cold foods, avoid putting ice on their body and be mindful about the weather; particularly, fans and air conditioning. We are offering this course for FREE. Please e-mail us at we will happily send you a link to watch the workshop.

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